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Services and products of European Engineering

Limex S.A. has developed a new concept about services and products of European engineering. We
supply European engineering with all the knowledge and services that are necessary for their application
here in Argentina or Brazil.

Limex buys standard products and equipment in Europe. For this we have our own consulting office in
Europe, located in Stuttgart, technological centre of Germany. After the pre-acceptance the products
are transported to South America and Limex makes its import. On side we adapt the products on the
application of customer and we integrate them to his production line.

This results the following advantages:
• Your contractual partner Limex S.A. is located in Córdoba, Argentina
• Product import at low cost and total security: Owing to our frequent shipping to South America we
. can guarantee a fast and safe processing of import.
• Accomplishment of orders in Argentina and Europe by own engineers and specialists in subject
• Most of suppliers are in our reach. We keep continuous contact. We deal personally with them.

Trust in our experience of international Engineering